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Role of the
Maricopa County Recorder

The role of the Maricopa County Recorder is multi-faceted and requires someone
with skills and experience to effectively execute the demands of the position.

Don has the qualifications, experience, knowledge and passion to get the job done.


Election Management

  • Manage all facets of election operations, from personnel training to result tabulation, ensuring quality control and strict deadline adherence

  • Direct all election operations, from staffing and training to ballot production and result tabulation

  • Maintain election security and integrity by monitoring data management, security, and testing of electronic election systems

  • Effectively manage teams in high-pressure environments

  • Organize multiple election contests

  • Promote public participation


Voter Engagement
& Continuous Improvement

  • Build and nurture vital relationships with voters and all entities involved in the election process

  • Commit to continuous improvement, problem-solving, and efficient election operations

Crisis Management
& Contingency Planning


  • Develop robust contingency plans that address unforeseen challenges and emergencies to maintain integrity of electoral process

  • Skills in navigating crisis and ensuring voter security during high-pressure election situations

  • Tackle high-stakes situations, make swift decisions, and maintain clear communication to ensure voter confidence and security


Legal Compliance & Transparency

  • Uphold the highest standards of legal compliance

  • Implement processes to ensure compliance with  election laws and regulations

  • Stay updated on changes in election laws and regulations

  • Conduct post-election audits and reviews to ensure transparency and accuracy in election results

  • Resolve any discrepancies promptly

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